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If you have more than one student at Harrold Primary Academy you will receive a username and password for each child. You can either choose to keep each account separate or merge multiple accounts. To do this, go to your WisePay account and go in to 'Merge an Account', following the online instructions.

Instructions below to merge accounts with siblings at Lincroft or Sharnbrook

You will need to download the WisePay App https://www.wisepay.co.uk/App/desktop/1.html

You can then register both/all accounts.

The organisation code for the Secondary Site is 36497431 – enter the WisePay User Name and password for the Secondary students account. Next add the first name and last name of the student and click on Register Account.

You can then Register another account – enter the organisation code for the Primary Site – 61663445 – then enter the WisePay User Name and Password for the Primary student and enter the Primary students name and address and click on Register Account.

You will then be able to look at both accounts on the App.

Welcome to Harrold Primary Academy

Harrold Primary School is a happy, caring and supportive school. We have a great team of teachers and support staff that work hard to ensure that all the children make good progress. Our vision is that every child has the right to an high quality of learning, where they are treated with respect in a safe learning environment. We strive to ensure that children reach their full potential, are well-equipped for when they leave primary school, and are able to continue achieving throughout secondary school.

To find out more about the school, please read through our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to visit the school.