Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival was a wonderful occasion.

The children produced displays celebrating 'harvest' from many different places.

We had 'Harvest of the sea', from Kingfisher (Year 2).

Swans (Year 4) displayed their research on the Harvest of tea, coffee and chocolate. The class encouraged other visitors to their display, to use their five senses to explore where these items come from.

Eagles (Year 5) focused on the Harvest of wheat. The class baked bread, created pasta 3D pictures and a range of other wonderful things we get from wheat.

Owls (Reception) celebrated the harvest of the land- through vegetables. They made vegetable soup. While Robins (Year 1) celebrated the fruit from the land.

Magpies (Year 3) linked their display to their Stone Age topic. They made paint from beetroot, tomato paste, cinnamon and other ingredients.

Kestrel (Year 6) celebrated the harvest from beans. Children found out about the different dishes and products that we get from these ingredients.




We thank St Peter's Church for sharing the harvest thanksgiving service with us.


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